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The Best Keyword Research To Boost Your Rankings

Keyword research is critical for your Google rankings and driving conversions.  Here are the benefits:

  • Drive stronger conversations with the right targeted keywords

  • Start making the keywords that are working for your competitors work for you

  • Start drawing in new channels of traffic by uncovering new keywords not being used by your competitors

  • Provides you with a definitive guiding strategy on where and how to optimize your website

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is exploring the different types of words or phrases that people would use Google to search for your type of business or service.  Then narrow the list down to only those optimal keywords that you begin ranking for.

Identifying the right keywords that your customers are already searching for, have enough search volume, and not too competitive that it would be hard to rank for is extremely important.  This provides you with in-depth information on how to optimize your current pages on your website and how to plan for future content.

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Keyword Research Process

This Is What You Can Expect

How ForgedSEO Keyword Research Can Help

How Can FrogedSEO Keyword Research Help?

The first step we will take after conducting our keyword research is to map all your current pages and determine what Google already has them indexed for and begin to examine what keywords those pages are already ranking.  Once we have a Keyword Map created we will then have a picture of keywords we should be creating for future content.

By taking the steps above we will be able to develop a data-driven plan that allows us to continue optimizing your current web pages.  It also allows us to plan future blog posts that are tailored to what your customers are already looking for.

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